Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What is eiknujomorp?

Here's another cool contest from Promojunkie.com...

The best contest ever has been released lately by promojunkie.com ,this contest is simply about ranking the keyword eiknujomorp first in google. Well if you look a little bit you will know that eiknujomorp is a new word,and you will have no problem ranking it first in google if you have a bit of experience.Although There is alot of promojunkie will try to rank it high so eiknujomorp will have soon some good google results till now it has only 7 results and counting.

So you may ask again what is the meaning of the word eiknujomorp? As you may have observed eiknujomorp is a series of reversed words, that is from promojunkie. Surely you already know about promojunkie. Promojunkie is a webmaster forum. Here webmasters come together to share experiences, or to exchange knowledge. All kinds of topics can be discussed in promojunkie.com that are about SEO, domains, hosting, Affiliate, business, web programming, and many more..

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